DOBOS s.r.o.


Tovární 784,
294 04 Dolní Bousov 

Company ID No.: 25139801/Tax ID No.: CZ25139801/Owner and CEO: Josef Turek/Certificates: ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005

Company Management: +420 326 396 250

CEO: +420 603 261 191

Operations Manager: +420 326 390 419



The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained
by the Prague Regional Court, Section C, File 52 962.

Dobos s.r.o. Dolní Bousov is a Czech company which has specialised in logistics and storage since 1997. At present we have at our disposal storage space with a total area of 30,000 m2, of which 6000 m2 is temperature controlled (temperature of storage spaces from 5 °C and higher). Since coming into existence we have gained experience in storing a wide range of materials and goods from the food industry to the automotive industry.


Quality and Environmental Policy

In connection with:
  • market demands and increasing its competitive ability
  • the principles established in the QM and EM systems
  • requirements for ensuring the satisfaction of existing and potential customers
  • requirements for increasing environmental protection
the management of DOBOS s.r.o. Dolní Bousov has declared a joint environmental and quality policy:
  1. To provide comprehensive logistics services with maximum responsiveness to our customers' requirements, to streamline the introduced quality and environmental system using the initiatives of our employees, to improve the work environment and to consider the satisfaction of our customers the foremost interest of our company
  2. To provide professional services ensured by expertly qualified employees who are capable of reacting to changes resulting from the customer's needs
  3. To carry out logistics services in accordance with legislation and other requirements applicable to the environment
  4. To constantly examine the sources of impacts on the environment and the region, to address any potential comments from employees and the public, to conduct company activities in a manner which keeps the impact on the environment to a minimum, to take measures to eliminate them, and to prioritise the prevention of pollution
The company management undertakes:
  • to annually specify the goals of the policy
  • to ensure conditions for meeting these goals for all company employees
  • to take all necessary measures to meet these goals and to inspect their performance
  • to take correctional measures if goals are not met
  • to plan essential resources for ensuring its goals
  • to constantly streamline the QM and EM systems
  • to present the policy to the public and our customers by suitable means

From its employees the company management expects:
  • a responsible approach to improving the QM and EM systems
  • self-monitoring of work carried out and maximum responsibility for the work performed
  • initiatives for improving work activities to be submitted

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Tovární 784
294 04 Dolní Bousov
+420 603 261 191