The logistics department ensures all processes connected with the handling of consignments. Specifically, it deals with the short and long-term storage, assembly and packaging of consignments, (in primary, secondary and transport packaging using appropriate packaging processes and materials), the handling of consignments in our storage space for a designated means of transport (road or rail) and potentially the dispatch of consignments by its own means of transport, the registration and identification of consignments for the purposes of further distribution, and potentially the preparation of other related documentation.

The company has a railway siding at its disposal, leading from the company premises to Dolní Bousov station, from where the track continues to railway junctions in Mladá Boleslav and Jičín. The company also possesses its own locomotive for ensuring transportation between Dolní Bousov station and the company premises. Within the scope of customer services, the company also provides road transportation for materials with a weight of up to 6 tonnes both for subsequent shipping or for direct supply to production lines.



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